New Joan XXIII Hospital


2019 – In progress




77.900 m²


Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Servei Català de la Salut


The first parameter of the proposal consists of the perimeter construction of new buildings around the existing hospital – in the final stage – to achieve an image of the whole as unitary as possible.
Within this intention, the proposal proposes a unitary response on the street of Juan Pablo II, in which the facades of the new buildings will coexist with the northeast facade of the existing Francolí Building.

The second parameter is the inclusion of a promenade, which runs longitudinally throughout the project from north to south. This public axis, which at its ends connects two public squares, develops along its route the different public accesses to the complex.
The route of the axis will be guided by different points of connection with Juan Pablo II street and, therefore, it will maintain at all times its will of civic Rambla of the complex, linked to the urban structure of the city.
At the northern end, the public space where the parking lot is currently located, will become a Garden where the topography will be adapted to different uses, along with a harder space, which will serve as an anteroom and access to the Hospital, as the beginning of the Rambla. At the southern end, the Rambla will integrate laterally to a public square located between the administration building and the teaching building. This public square connected to the urban fabric from the arcades of the administration building, incorporates at one end the current cafeteria and laboratories in the existing building, encompassing it to give the whole a new image.




Ramón Sanabria, Lidia Planas, Josep Gallego with CDB arquitectura, Mario Corea arquitectura, UTE

Architecture Collaborators

Hernán Gastelu, Carlos Martí, Albert Mesalles


BIS structures


EINESA / SC enginyeria, UTE

Construction Company

Fase 1.1: OHLA / COPISA, UTE


Saida Dalmau / María Arau