SPG arquitectura

Architecture studio in Barcelona since 1980.
Specialised in BIM and LEAN methodology.

SPG arquitectura began in 1980 with the association of Ramón Artigues and Ramón Sanabria under the name Artigues&Sanabria arquitectos.
This studio ended in 2007 with the retirement of Ramón Artigues, leaving Ramón Sanabria at the head of the studio under the name RSanabria arquitectos, continuing with the same collaborators and the same intentions.

In 2011, with the incorporation as associates of Lidia Planas and Josep Gallego, former collaborators of the previous studios, the name was changed to SPG arquitectura, (R. Sanabria, L. Planas and J. Gallego).
The works and projects presented are the result of more than 40 years of work and experience of the same team with the same intentions and responsibilities.

We are a member of BuildingSmart, an international organization that drives the digital transformation of the construction industry through open standards.

Our Values

Commitment and Trust

We engage with our clients from the outset, fostering a trust that is maintained throughout the development of the project.


This trust is manifested in close collaborative work between all the actors involved, which speeds up the process and anticipates solutions.

Knowledge and Innovation

The experience of a team trained in a constant process of continuous improvement allows the application of innovative methodologies and processes for the benefit of the project's outcome.

Creativity and Diligence

We have a team prepared for the challenges of the sector, being diligent and coming up with specific solutions for each project that respond to the different requirements.

Quality / Excellence

This process allows us to control and develop projects to obtain sustainable, time and cost-effective solutions that easily exceed our clients' expectations.

We have a multidisciplinary team that provides innovative, versatile and budget-friendly solutions that provide great value in the design and execution of our projects through the use of BIM and Lean that allows us to optimize processes to offer the best results.



Ramón Sanabria

Founding Partner


Lídia Planas

Founding Partner


Josep Gallego

Founding Partner


Carlos Martí

Chief Executive Officer

SPG arquitectura in figures

+40 years of experience

+1.800.000m² planned

+500.000m² built

+100 planned buildings

+70 constructed buildings

+20 building typologies

+2000 dwellings planned

+1000 dwellings built

+200,000m² of planned care

+100.000m² of care built

+90 awards and mentions

+40 competitions won

+15 selections FAD awards

Some of the clients and partners we have had the good fortune to work with: