Cameroon Hospital




Yaounde, Cameroon


118.040 m²




The building is located on a plot with a strong slope towards the south, with a good exposure to the sun and with good views to the landscape. A volume is considered that takes advantage of this location, benefiting from the relationship with the surroundings and proposing some forms that allow a good thermal and energetic behavior.

The lower level is where the parking lot and all the public areas of the hospital are located. The second and third levels are where the hospital program is located, with a purposefully more limited access. The fourth floor is used for logistics and facilities. Finally, the fifth and sixth floors are where the units of hospitalization are located.

The basement contains two galleries of services that allow the correct distribution of the facilities to all the areas of the building.
The program also includes a strip of housing for the hospital staff, located on the north face of the plot. The two bars located at the east end of the plot, are intended to be a geriatric and a hotel for the patients companions, who will have an independent access to the rest of the hospital.

It is proposed that the roofs of lower volumes will be garden roofs, and that vegetation will be incorporated as a filter on the facades of the upper volumes. This will improve the thermal behaviour of the building, make it more pleasant and comfortable for the users and establish a complicity between the interior and the exterior.



Ramón Sanabria, Lidia Planas, Josep Gallego with Joao Alvaro Rocha


Luís Loya