Extension of Viladecans Hospital


2008 – 2009
(Base Project)


Viladecans, Barcelona


59.376 m²


Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Servei Català de la Salut


The current hospital is located in an area of strong expansion of the city, with considerable activities of buildings of great architectural quality, especially on Avinguda de Josep Tarradellas. It is proposed to build the entire perimeter, leaving Avinguda de Gavà as the main street from which to access the hospital, which will maintain the axial and frontal character of the facade of the historic building.

Access space is proposed where the first enclosure of the hospital is located. The open space that presides over the old building is embraced laterally by the existing buildings. From this first enclosure can be accessed to different public parts of the complex: consultations, cafeteria and teaching area. Once inside the old building, it will be through the lobby, a glazed element between the two courtyards, from where a second enclosure, this time covered, will be accessed.

This space functions as a covered public square that gives content to the whole operation, facilitating the routes and the diversity of accesses that a centre of these characteristics must-have. The general composition will be based on the transition from the public and exterior to the more private and interior, but always from public and protected environments and enclosures.




Ramón Sanabria con AIS, UTE


Manuel Arguijo and associates




Ben Schepens