Center for health and emergency services


2015 – 2022


Granollers, Barcelona


7.917 m²


Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Servei Català de la Salut


This building is in a plot waged between to pre-existing buildings, it tries to adapt to a series of urban traits present on the site. The building on Girona street, maintains an alignment to the road, receding the ground floor down to considerably expand the sidewalks and cause wide and comfortable access to the building. A square is created in the street of Marià Sans to create void amid the density of the old quarter.
The proposal is developed in a vertical fashion, so that at each level there is a different service, achieving a clear and easily understandable organization for users.
The disposition of the different uses in vertical is done according to the volume of users, in order to reduce the vertical movement of people, therefore obtaining a more fluid use of the hospital.
In the floor plan, a patio that provides the adequate lighting and ventilation conditions, is the mechanism that organizes distribution and circulation.
Vertical communication is organized by means of two separate cores at each end of the building, one of public use and another one of technical use, guaranteeing that circulation is differentiated at all times.
The floor plan organization of the functional program is as follows:
• Ground Floor: General Access areas, Chronicity Support and Emergency Urgency Unit.
• First Floor: ASSIR Unit.
• Second Floor: Unit of External Consultation.
These two floors, with ambulatory use, have the same functional scheme, with the circulations and waiting areas placed around the yard, in order to achieve a comfortable environment for users, while the consultations are located the facade.
• Third Floor: CMA and Outpatient Surgery.
• Fourth Floor: Unit of External Consultation.
These two floors, with a restricted character to the public, are organized linearly in a more compact block, having the different areas along a central corridor.




Ramón Sanabria, Lidia Planas, Josep Gallego with Vitaller arquitectura, UTE

Architecture Collaborators

Carlos Martí, Àngela García


Manuel Arguijo and associates


SC enginyeria

Construction Company



Juan Rodríguez