General Council Headquarters of Andorra


2003 – 2011


Andorra la Vella, Andorra


16.000 m²


Consejo General de Andorra


An institutional building in the old quarter of Andorra la Vella.
The rock is emptied to subsequently encrust the building.
The process is based on the mineral restitution of the void and its dialogue with the surrounding environment.

There is a significant difference in level between the upper access to the building, of an institutional nature, and a more functional lower access, typical of administrative areas. Between the two entrances – 6 floors of unevenness – the volume will be located with two differentiated bodies in section.

The stone from the emptying, conveniently cut into pieces, will be used to form a lattice made up of embedded gabions, which determine and identify the external image of the building.

This stony vocation of the project itself will be extended inside, where the Council Plenary Hall is resolved through the arrangement of translucent marble walls, which evoke the mineral condition of the place.

The building’s volumetry proposes several façades that dialogue with the surrounding environment. The south façade takes centre stage throughout the project, through the latticework of gabions, arranged at two different heights. The west façade, facing the newly created square and in proximity to the old Casa del Valle, has a certain representativeness and incorporates another gabion lattice, in dialogue with the old building. The north façade, in line with one of the streets of the old quarter, will be resolved with the materials typical of the place: stone and wood.




Ramón Artigues, Ramón Sanabria with Pere Espuga, UTE

Architecture Collaborators

Josep Gallego, Stefaan Loncke, Joan Cabeza





Direction of execution

Virginia Otal, Vidal García

Construction Company

Phase 1/2: UTE Consell General
Phase 3: Cervalls / EMPUB, UTE


Arau acústica


Aleix Bagué